New cutting edge email technology - betas

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I've come across 2 new technologies - both in beta for now.

Xobni GuyThe first called Xobni (inbox backwards) you can sign up for a beta - and by filling in a survey get into the priority queue. I am still waiting for my invite so I have not been able to test this yet but it looks very interesting.

Here's the blurb about it.

Xobni is the Outlook plug-in that saves you time finding email conversations, contacts and attachments.

After a quick install, you'll see the new Xobni toolbar appear in Outlook - and suddenly information will become much easier to find. When a new email arrives, the sender's full communication history appears in the Xobni sidebar, including past conversations, attachments and contact details. Xobni also includes a blazing fast email search tool.

Watch our demo video, or read below to see how Xobni improves your email productivity. Or better yet, sign up to try the beta right now.

Xobni outlook add-in for your inbox Click this button to view more.

The second is called MailShadow® for Google Apps™ and is a Google Gmail technology from Cemaphore Systems utilising SaaS to allow you to replace Exchange.

Here is their blurb:

Ready to cut the ties that bind you to your costly Exchange servers? Use MailShadow for Google Apps to eliminate the expensive infrastructure, hardware, and co-location facilities required by Exchange.

More specific information is available on the Cemaphore Webpage.

MailShadowG synchronizes Outlook with Google’s Gmail

Rather than providing your own infrastructure, backup hardware, and co-location facilities, you can leverage the legendary Google infrastructure to handle your Outlook data backup. MailShadowG offers bi-directional synchronization so that anyone who uses Outlook can synchronize your rich messaging data such as email, calendars and contacts with the external service provider and vice versa, eliminating the need for costly replication infrastructure.

With MailShadowG, you can synchronize Microsoft Outlook with a trusted Internet email provider like Google, by mapping the repository that exists in Exchange (for email, calendaring and contacts) to these backend systems.

By using a Google as your data repository, you can eliminate the need for expensive infrastructure, hardware, & co-location facilities.

Credit to Geeks are Sexy