Microsoft TechNet Newsletter - Windows 7

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Here is some selected text from the Tech Net newsletter about Windows 7. Lots of links to resources etc.

imageFor those who haven't yet heard, we've just announced the availability of Windows 7 Beta. I know a lot of you have been waiting for this - and let me tell you, it's definitely been worth it. I've personally installed Windows 7 Beta on 5 different machines - including my neighbour's new Sony Vaio - and they're all running smoothly. Even the lowest spec'ed machine is running really well, and I'm getting more life from my batteries!

The first thing I noticed was the overall performance of the OS. Things just load up faster, and Start Up and Shut Down have improved dramatically.

New features for User Interface and Media Center

I really like some of the new User Interface features. The new taskbar has been revamped to make it easier to see what's open. You also now have more direct control from the taskbar itself.

I have also set up HomeGroup and Play To on my home network. One of the new innovative features is the multi-touch support - so get prepared for a new generation of touch screen displays. Media Center has also been revamped for Windows 7 and is very slick. Check out this demo of some of the new Media Center features.

Manageability and Security Enhancements

Most important to IT Professionals are the enhancements to manageability and security. In fact, Windows 7 is engineered to make managing a PC environment more automated, controllable and efficient. Key advancements make it easier to:

- Access information and network resources across the enterprise

- Implement security and compliance policies

- Automate the management of physical and virtual PCs

Place to go for more

For a more in-depth view of Windows 7 and how it will impact your day-to-day work, take a look at the feature articles on the Springboard Series "First Look at Windows 7 for IT Professionals," and "Ten Things IT Professionals Should Know about Windows 7". Or, for even more background on the fundamentals, visit the Engineering Windows 7 blog. If you are really keen on a deep dive conversation on Windows 7, watch the Mark Russinovich (Technical Fellow and Windows Kernel Guru) Interview. He talks about one of the most important changes in the Kernel, which is the dismantling of the dispatcher spin lock and redesign and implementation of its functionality. We have also prepared some short screencasts for you to explore the new and updated features in Windows 7.

I really encourage you to download and start testing Windows 7 Beta today.