Microsoft in right royal stuff up over Vista SP!

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The gloves are off! The user forums and blog comments are running hot. The press is having a field day.

Microsoft officially announced Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) was released to market (RTM) last week. However they have since decided to delay the distribution to MSDN and Technet subscribers. These are the people who need to get it first. Partners like myself should also be able to get it but we have also been relegated to the same category as the general public. I assume that means that I will be cautiously testing it as the same time my customers will be gleefully (more likely completely unknowingly) downloading it from Windows Update with no backups or way of recovering if it screws up. Who pays for that? Ultimately the customer does, because I have to support it and I charge them for it. Makes it hard to support something that you can't test.

Microsoft is apparently not listening - at least not hard enough. They have moved the release date now to mid march, 4 weeks instead of 6. But, they have stated there are no changes to the RTM product, the delay is not for fixes to the product - its not changing. The delay is for some mysterious other reasons relating to drivers. I am not going to speculate here, but suffice to say that mysterious reasons translates as BS.

All that aside, I can't wait to get my hands on Vista SP1. It promises to fix all the problems I and my customers have experienced with Vista. Things like; slow file moves and copies. Read the full list of Vista Service Pack 1 improvements. There is also an Vista SP1 Overview (corporate waffle but good for scanning) and a Vista SP1 deployment guide.

And if you really can't wait there is a registry hack available to stop Vista from "folder sniffing" courtesy of Channel 10.