Microsoft Professional Developers Conference

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Since 1991, the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) has been Microsoft’s premier gathering of leading-edge developers and architects.

There has been a lot of news blogged from this conference over the last few days.

I have summarised and provided links for the main things from my perspective as it affects me, our business and our clients. Some of this stuff wont impact our clients for several years, but its nice to be able to see glimpses of the future.

Live Mesh

Live Mesh shifted from Tech Preview to Beta in the last few days as we indicated a few days ago it would. However there was lots of good stuff talked about the mesh platform at PDC. Some of these links are about the new features in Beta and some are blogs from PDC.

From Sarah Perez:

Windows Home Server and Live Mesh Technology Demonstration. A glimpse of some of the integration possibilities between the Windows Home Server product and Live Mesh service.

From Nick MacKechnie: First Look: Live Mesh Client for Mac.

From Angus Logan: Live Mesh goes Beta, adds preview for Mac client and Mobile client. Angus is a guru with this stuff and works directly with it at Microsoft in his role with the Live Team.

My brother in law also managed to get onto Mesh with his Mac.

From LiveSide:

Windows 7

From Sarah Perez:

From i started something: Design principles for Windows 7