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Cold steel frames glass canyons wet with rain
Concrete and plaster, curtains and carpet
LED lamps make cones of golden light
An oasis in the urban jungle

Surviving is not living as you should
Experience everything leave nothing
No stone unturned or crevice unexplored
People seen as fellow adventurers

Chance meetings destined to be pivot points
Synchronicity of shared compulsion
Advancing intellectual ideas
Bright spots of energy coalescing

Grey clouds are a sign of impending rain
Though Melbourne has 4 seasons in a day
Artistic expressions explored in paint
Echoes talent left for us to enjoy

Tall seats raggedly line worn counter tops
Tired staff complete their morning routine
Nicotine and caffeine the drugs of choice
Life’s pleasures lost in daily drudgery

Stark reminders we should always enjoy
Conversations as connected beings
Not distracted by physical actions
Just two souls briefly engaged in knowing

Poem written by Timothy Miller 26 November 2023 (c)