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No time to say them.

But what the heck here I go anyway – warning rant begins!


American politics. Short thought - storm in a teacup. The two sides are so bitterly argumentative (generally) and so closely alike (generally) politically anyway that the whole thing is a bit of a joke from the outside looking on. Lets just have a little look at the major external global policies (I am not conversant with internal American politics so much).

Oil – and Iraq. They are not leaving – they are staying. Obama or McCain – ones says he wont go, the other cant no matter what he says.

Money. No president can control the Federal Reserve Bank. America’s economy is on the brink of disaster and only continual creative accounting and loose money policy keeps them from collapsing. The fact that American dollars are the black market economy standard around the world says more about the quantity of cash outside of the continental states than it does about the strength (or weakness) of the dollar.

Global warming (or not). Okay temperatures are rising. Ice is melting, etc. No one disagrees. Does this constitute “global warming”? Yes in the strict definition of those 2 words. The earth is warming (very slightly). Is this an environmental disaster like never before. Categorically no. It has happened before. This bad? no one really knows for sure. Will we survive? Yes. Does it really matter what president is in the USA? not really. After all the USA won’t even ratify the Kyoto protocol. There are two major schools of thought on global warming neither of which can agree. End of day this is not as bad as the oil crisis of the 70s (I remember that) and Americans wont change their lives much because the president changes.

Bigotry. Americans have that down pat. Generally speaking. Of course all the nice American people I know aren’t bigoted – at all! Or at least not intentionally. Yet this is the nation that has the large majority of its school children (and adults) who cant locate major capital cities let alone countries on a map of the world. So for those enlightened enough to be reading my blog you are excused and I certainly don’t tar you with this generic brush. The rest won’t come here anyway. But most Americans cannot seem to see that the way they represent themselves, their attitudes about their country and others show bigotry of ignorance in most cases or arrogance at least. Go to St Louis or Atlanta and tell me there is no racial bigotry inside USA – and where is the political where with all to deal with that?

Political systems. the USA has a political system that allows choice. However at the end of the day that choice has been screwed down to this is the way its going to be with some very minor differences. The two political parties are largely alike in most ways. the system is controlled by a congress which counts vote buying with money and power and has virtually nothing to do with representative government – let alone the mathematical problems associated with proportional representation (look up the Alabama paradox for that one!)


Ok end of rant – normal programming will now resume.

Oh and I am interested in comments – and thoughtful ones. If you are going to just sneer at my opinions and not provide reasoned debate than I will just delete your comments – that is my right.

Pictures courtesy of Capital Capitalism.