Long day

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Yesterday was a long day but very rewarding. I left home at 7:30am and drive until 10 AM to get to a client – through two mountain ranges and beautiful forest parks and past several large dams. Once there I sat in a meeting for 2 hours and then spent 4 and half hours preparing for my presentation at their committee meeting that night. The committee meeting kicked off and dealt with a lot of issues before finally getting down to me. As they IMGP7110-800 had been going for 2 hours at that point I suggested a break first which was gladly accepted. I then lead them through some governance and management principles, using various examples from the previous two hours of meeting time to show where they were acting in a way that was not the most efficient use of their time. After looking at how to reduce time spent in the meeting rehashing the managements decisions on operational issues I lead them through an exercise in looking at the financials from a strategic perspective. It was so good receiving constant affirmations and nods from those present, as well as very positive body language. I closed with indicating the things we will be running through next week when we do some more specific training on how to manage their organisation strategically. Next week I will be travelling up there again to spend half a day coaching on on one with the executive director and then a mock committee meeting going through more exercises. The following day will be spent redesigning their executive reports both operational and financial.

I find this sport of work extremely stimulating and very rewarding. In this case the client is a small not for profit organisation providing a vital community service, but they are constantly tied up in dealing with issues and as a result many of their long term plans never see the light of day. I have been helping them streamline their organisational processes in order to be able to put the time required into the strategic and long term growth plans they have.

After the meeting finished at 8:15PM I drove home picking up a snake for Judith on the way. A long 15 hour day but so much fun. I love what I do!