Just a few rants

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Here's a few funny rants brought to you by the WebDev Hall of Fame:

  1. Does your client's professional Web site really need a dancing penguin hopping around in the top left corner? Unnecessary animated images often take away from a site's credibility
    and almost always distract visitors from the real content of your
    pages. No matter what you say somehow that dancing penguin always stays.
  2. Ever search the Web and run into a design that looks exactly like one you created for a different client? You can put partial blame on a copycat designs of clients but remember when your designing a similar site someone else has put alot of effort into the one your about to rip off.
  3. Watch out for the attack of......the flash-aholic! Josiah Cole got it right when he pointed out that not even the makers of Flash use is for all their site functions, so why should we?