Jemimah and Esther get baptised

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Two good friends of ours, Jemimah and Esther Gollan, were baptised on Sunday in a  public ceremony at the beach.

Their father John is also the pastor of their church, and he gave an excellent talk about how baptism was like drawing a line in the sand, and stepping over it. The girls had previously given their testimonies in church, along with the others being baptised.

I took a couple of hundred photos. There are a bunch of the good ones in my flickr account. Here is just a small sample for you to enjoy. Click the thumbnails to see the larger pictures.


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Congrats girls, it looks

Congrats girls, it looks like it was a great day and a great ceremony :D

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I like it when churches use

I like it when churches use natural settings to Baptize. We use a swimming pool. Not so natural, but better than a tank behind the choir.