Introducing Lena

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Lena has been working for Jethro for one and a half years now. For the past several months she has been writing technical articles for me about stuff I find on the web. In case you were wondering who the Lena was that submits posts on this site, this is a short explanation.

How we work together is I tag web pages in delicious constantly. There is a rss feed link of the latest items on the right hand side as well as easy access to the major categories. When I want to report a specific page or the details of something we use here, I add a special tag for Lena. She then reviews those items and writes an article for me on here. She does these in bulk and queues them up for me. I can then edit them and release them at my leisure (Read - when I don't have time to write one myself!)

This has been working well and means that we are able to bring plenty more reviews of good stuff, techniology, gadgets, internet tools, Microsoft applications and hints and tips in good SpyJournal style.

Say Hi To Lena.

PS. Tim wrote this using Lena's name because she's to shy to say hi herself!