How the day gets away on you

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This morning started with the girls waking me to say my parrot had escaped while they were feeding it. After a look around the yard I went inside to print flyers while they went to the park to look. Jadeen came running back 2 minutes later to say they found him in a tree in the park. 15 Minutes of climbing a tree that had branches that couldn't support my weight and kept breaking I was at the top of the tree where the reluctant escapee was clinging on. I snapped the top of the tree and drew him down toward me. Getting him inside my shirt I then climbed / fell because branches broke back down to the bottom. I have cuts and scrapes all over me and bird is safely locked away once more.

HPIM1769-550 Jude then said – clear this mess away. When the wife says that you need to listen. So I stared clearing away all the boxes I had stacked in the school room where I had temporarily camped while building hers and my new PCs. My new super duper computer is mostly running OK now, the odd lock up is an issue. While clearing away boxes I got distracted into sorting out motherboard driver and other cds I had on my desk return. Then I found an old CD with NASA space images on it, so I handed this to Miranda to copy to our wallpaper archive. While doing that I noticed the filing boxes that are stacked beside her desk hadn’t been pushed back from the other day when I was chasing a wild mouse and that there was a very large very dead blue crayfish down there. It had escaped from my large fish tank. Seeing as the camera batteries were charging we bagged it and put it in the freezer for some macro photography another day.

I have just been informed that I have baby fish. The convicts in the tank the crayfish escaped from have lots of fry.

Oh and last night we had baby dragons hatch out as well as more laid. You can order and buy dragons (if you are in Australia) from Jude’s website

I might get some work done today.