He who has ears to hear

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Yesterday and this morning I was reading from Isaiah 6:9-10 - it shows that it is only those who actually hear that get the message – those who listen don’t. This is obviously important because in the three gospels this is repeated a number of times by Christ, here are some examples:

Luke 8:10 – context parable of the sower – the word comes to many but only some produce fruit

Mark 7:6-7 – context defilement comes from within – mirrored back in Isaiah 6:5-8 – interesting progression here in Isaiah 6 – first God’s glory and holiness is revealed, second mans' (Isaiah’s) sin is exposed, then the cleansing comes through fire - it hurts and only then can the vessel be used – can Isaiah be sent – but then the warning from verses 8-10 are that only those with ears to hear will hear – more on this in a minute

Matt 13:16-15 – context the reason for parables – interesting to note that the word mystery is used in the bible concerning the knowledge of God’s things. This word is the same Greek word that is used to describe the inner knowledge that a mystic cult reveals only to the initiates. In the same context, only those who have been enlightened by the spirit can understand the revealed words of God – many hear, but only few understand.

God has challenged us and our church over the last year or so about the danger of chasing numbers – at church, at home groups etc. he will entrust the souls to us for teaching and shepherding that we are able to manage – no more – but only when we operate in his strength and not rest on mans programs.

It is very tempting to create programs and ways for “God to work” but I think that when that happens God steps back and says ok you do it then – and it waffles along in our strength. Only when we come to the point of absolute desperation and reliance on God will he step forward and work in his way. Our message yesterday would be a great thing for you to listen to – I have added a link to the sermon. http://www.riversbaptist.com/node/678

Enjoy and be challenged.