Gustav bloggers and DirectNic

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As hurricane Gustav hits New Orleans we are tracking its progress with more than just curiosity from this side of the world. For all the news step by step from the Zipa building in Poydras Street in New Orleans check out the website. Our domain name registrars DirectNic are located there. After there fantastic work to stay online during Katrina we determined to stay with them and have increased our domain name holdings with them since then. They have expanded also and now have massive redundancy and server centres in Chicago, Houston and Naples, Florida so they are not expecting any outages.

I note with sadness that this hurricane has already costs many deaths in the outlying islands of Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba and Dominican Republic.


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Hurricanes are about the most

Hurricanes are about the most destructrive thing I can imagine. It is heartbreaking to see the lives they take and the lives they disrupt.

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I agree with your comment.

I agree with your comment. nice post

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Really nice post just love it.

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What a great idea.

What a great idea.