Freak Morice - raw natural talent

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A new family has come to our church and the 5 kids make up an awesome band. Named Freak Morice they played on Friday night for a school chaplaincy fund raising movie night we held.

I videoed them using my mobile phone camera and with their permission uploaded them to YouTube. Check out the Freak Morice MySpace site. All their songs are original written and composed material. They range in age from 16 to 8 in age. I have uploaded 5 videos to my Alborath YouTube account.


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cool video. thanks for

cool video. thanks for sharing. I love the music.

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i think that when you put

i think that when you put your kids into sports music or activitys i think that they stay out of trouble and they have good clean fun and stay out of truble i think by them always having an activity to do they keep themself bussy witch its good