Firefox extensions to keep your browsing private and secure

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Firefox has several security settings you can use to keep your computer safe. There are also hundreds of extensions that you can add to give you further privacy & security. Lisa Hoover has written a great article on a few of these extensions. For example a good way to protect your computer is to prevent the browser from using JavaScript at Web sites without permission, the NoScript extension makes every site that uses JavaScript ask your permission before running it. It can render some JavaScript-heavy sites unreadable but provides a whitelist of acceptable sites that you can add to speed up your surfing experience.

At Jethro the extensions we always install on any new pc are, Plain old favourites, Session Manager, Tab Browser Preferences and Delicious.

Plain Old Favourites allows your windows favourites to work in firefox instead of using bookmarks - meaning they will come with you as you roam from PC to PC.

Session Manager allows you to open firefox with all the previously opned windows still there, recovere fromc rashes, reopen closed tabs and more.

Tab Browser Preferences allows you to force new windows to open in a new tab, searches from google and addresses you type in to open in new tabs not overwriting the tab currently open.

Delicious adds the delicious bookmarking buttons. This is also available from delicious. Login and go to help to find it. There are buttons for IE there also.

Check out Mozilla's Firefox website for a full list of extensions.