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I have finally got around to installing Firefox 3 on all our computers. That’s 6 PCs 2 laptops and 1 server that need to be upgraded. The other 2 servers don’t have browsers being used. However I found the process very simple. Naturally I sat at my desk and used remote desktop connections to all the PCs to do the installs. all-firefox-logo Unlike previous versions of Firefox this upgrade was very clean and simple. All the users settings were maintained, all extensions were upgraded automatically where possible, where new versions existed the opportunity to download and install was there and those that were not available were gracefully disabled. I had waited until Session Manager was available before doing the upgrade, and it upgraded fine. All the open tabs in the saved session were restored in Firefox 3.

I am noting some problems with rendering – my banking website does not quite display correctly with some layout issues. However most sites seem to be fine.

I’ll report back any issues later on if I come across them.

My recommendation: Upgrade unless you have burning need to stay with Firefox 2. If you are using Internet Explorer still, then consider the move to Firefox 3.


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Yeah... FX 3 is cool... i

Yeah... FX 3 is cool... i like the way it lists me the address bar

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I switched from Opera to

I switched from Opera to Firefox 3 and I am happy so far with it. Firefox 3 seems better than Firefox 2 which I was not happy with and wouldn't use. I think I will continue to use Firefox 3.