Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Open XML file formats in Office 2007

If you have installed Office 2007 then you should be aware of the new file formats - xml.
If you haven't installed yet, then thre is plenty to learn about what they are and why they are great!

Joanna Bischel writes a great article about why the new xml formats are great and goes through some features in very easy to understand language.

First of all, Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2007 files now act as containers since they are actually compressed zip containers (just try changing the extension to a .zip and you'll know what I mean). To an end user, the file still looks like a single item but to the developer, the file is a package of parts, segmented in a logical tree structure, tied together by relationships which you can navigate through. No longer do you have the black box of a binary file from previous file formats. So knowing this, what are some of the benefits?

Read the rest of the article on her MSDN blog site.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cheap Office 2007 for Australian Uni Students

Copied from Nick Mayhew

It's Not Cheating - special promotion for uni students

What is

Approx. 1 million Australian students in 43 Australian universities will be able to purchase Office Ultimate 2007 online for AUD$75 outright or AUD$25 for one year (subscription) simply by providing their university email address for verification purposes.

How long?

The offer will run from Feb 26th – May 28th, we are also giving away a Vespa GT200, a Vista HP laptop, a Samsung mobile phone and one year FREE Sanity music downloads purely by submitting a blog on

What do you get in Office Ultimate 2007?

· Microsoft Office Access 2007

· Microsoft Office Excel 2007

· Microsoft Office Groove 2007

· Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007

· Microsoft Office OneNote 2007

· Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager

· Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007

· Microsoft Office Publisher 2007

· Microsoft Office Word 2007

Ps. Tutors and alumnis can purchase too – as long as they have a university email address!