Thursday, January 11, 2007

Excel charts,

Doug Klippert has this great tip, a formula (that could be put into a User Defined Funciton (UDF), to convert the column number to its actual alpha representation.
The following formula extracts the Column letter:


Read the explanation and the rest of the story on his post.

Crystal Xcelsius is a very funky charting add in that allows you to:

Create interactive Excel dashboards, business presentations and visual calculators from ordinary spreadsheets – then integrate them into PowerPoint, Word, PDF and the Web.
I am trialling this for a client and its is very cool how you can make on the fly "what if" changes to spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations. has a wealth of excellent topics and advice for excel and vba users. Some examples include, SUMPRODUCT, SUBTOTAL, the excel calculator, spreadsheet design, shortcuts and more. Well laid out also.

Tommy Flynn's site has a number of Excel VBA examples that you can copy and use including, hiding and unhiding sheets, input boxes, arrays and for next loops. Worth bookmarking.

Talking of which check out my Excel tags, Excel 2007 tags and VBA tags on

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