Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Excel 2003-2007 conversion project

Here is the email I am sending all my clients that we have written Excel tools for.

I want to ask about whether your IT department is looking at rolling out Office 2007 at all in the near future. When this happens there will be a LOT of work required to make existing excel tools work in that environment. The same will apply to all the work we have developed, and also potentially any other Excel files that you currently use.

I suggest that we start the work now. I suggest we make it code safe to work in 2003 and 2007 so that as you start to get a mixed environment to work with that it will continue to operate. I have a developer working for me now who is managing all my office 2003-2007 conversion projects.

If you have Excel tools that have any VBA in them chances are they will not convert to 2007 with out some effort.
Feel free to contact us to arrange a quote to analyse / convert your files.

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