Friday, August 04, 2006

Round up of Recent Excel News

First apologies for a small hiatus here - mostly due to travelling away recently and on dialup. I hope to rectify this shortly with some great new tips and also some info and reviews on Office 2007.
In the meantime here are some links to what others are aying and doing in the Excelverse.

Doug Klippert from Unofficial Microsoft Office Stuff links to Laurent Longres Addin that you can download for free. It has 65 functions in it including:
CHBASE - converts a value from a base into another base.
EASTERDATE - date of Easter Sunday for a given year
FORMULATEXT - returns the formula of a cell
MMAX - returns the N highest numbers of a range or an array
NBTEXT - converts a positive number into spelled-out text (supports 13 languages)
UNIQUEVALUES - returns the unique items of a range or an array

Heres his link to Ed Ferrero has a number of sample Excel charts and tools. One he calls a Wind Rose. Unfortunately the charting page on Ed's site is broken. However there is a bunch of other resources there you may find useful including some VBA code.

Change tab names automatically
A wee bit of code to assist with sheet tab automatic name changes.

From J-Walk - a link to where Jensen Harris has a look at the new Office 2007 icons.
The Office 2007 Icons Are Here!