Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Excel MVP and Professional Guru association ideas

Interesting discussion on Dicks Blog regarding Excel MVPs.

Heres my two cents.

If I may add my two cents I think that the MVP program should remain firmly where it is (as defined by Sean) and that a separate peer nominated program for Guru status (technical competence) be created. It should be separate to Microsoft and probably be a professional organisation. It whould not be based on fee for service but be nominated by users clients or by yourself and then judged on a number of tecnhical merits.
As in any undertaking like this there would be numerous pitfalls to overcome in the first rounds of creation and ongoing tweaks to be made, but this could be recognised and dealt with by 5 yearly reviews of the system.
The concept of fellows within this organisation should definitely be promoted.
My pick for lifetime members is obiously biased by my reality but would definitely include John Walkenbach, Chip Pearson.
Founding members would include Dick, Jon, Steve, Andy, Colo and more (not trying to leave anybody out).
Professional membership fees would be charged to cover the admin costs of such a professional body.

What do you think?