Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Unprotecting Password Protected Sheets without the Password

Funny thing happened to day. I am halfway through reading this page from the Office Zealot about recovering pasword protected sheets when the phone rang. It is one of my tech guys wanting to know if I still had a password recovery tool. I said funny you should ask..

After a bit more of a read I decided to pass these two sites to you for your own use - they both supply a VBA macro that will unlock sheets where you have forgotten the password. Of course you would never use it to open someone else's file would you...

I have copied the All Internal Passwords code from McGimpsey into a text file here. Alternatively you can download a workbook with it inside from their site.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that breaking password protection MAY violate laws or regulations in your jurisdiction. If in doubt, ask the original author, and if you can't ask - don't use it!