Excelerators Quiz and giveaway

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We are excited to announce a prize giveaway promotion, thanks to the folks over at Ignite Social Media.

Ok the quiz is open to everybody, but unfortunately the prize can only be won by someone who is a US resident.

The Prizes

Dell ST2310 23 inch Full HD Widescreen MonitorThe prize we will ship is a total value of over $250, and will include a Dell ST2310 23 inch flat panel monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

The Competition

Head to www.exceleratorsquiz.com and take the quiz. You will get a ranking, For example I was a Power User. You can post that on Twitter and Facebook also.

How to win

Post your ranking in the comments below along with your name, City and US post code. Add any other comment you like about Excel 2010 or PowerPivot. Be creative because I  will select a winner based on the comment you write.

Have fun!


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Excel 2010 is supposed to be

Excel 2010 is supposed to be better than Excel 2007 reagrding calculation time but still slightly slower then Excel 2003.

New Zealand

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I was a power user. I'm

I was a power user.

I'm relatively new to Excel, but my boss is an excel genius. And he's really converted me. I had NO idea how much this amazing program could do. We're using it to track time and do project management with complex spreadsheets that perform multiple calculations across numerous sheets.

It's stunning new tool. I can't wait to learn more.

Gordon Atkinson
San Antonio

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and the winner is Gordon

and the winner is Gordon Atkinson.
The prizes will be shipped to you directly

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