Excel Tools for Business Half Price Sale

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For a long time I have known Charley Kid and supported and sold his Excel Dashboard tools. I use many of his tools as reference material when designing and developing client reporting systems myself.

Right now Charley is having a Half Price Sale!

Here are the details:

Here’s where you can grab everything for half off:


I’m holding this special sale for two reasons. First, it's a great way to say THANK YOU to all the people who read my "Excel for Business" newsletter. And second, it helps the many subscribers who've asked for an inexpensive way to buy a lot of my Swipe Files for immediate download.

Try My Products for 50% Off and Get Two Unique Bonuses!

If the 50% discount isn’t enough to have you heading to my “half-off” web page, these two free gifts will surely do the trick:

First, you’ll get instant access to the Maroon Dashboard. For years, readers who saw its picture in my dashboard book have been asking me to make it available, and now, I've finally done so.

Second, you’ll get instant access to my Plaid Palette Plus workbook. This workbook allows you to view color swatches that show 25 color combinations for any theme color you choose in Excel 2007 or above. (Yes! The image at the right, which shows color combinations for Excel's Angles color theme, is from a workbook!) The workbook also includes four chart ideas for each of the 25 color swatches.

Because Excel offers 41 built-in color themes, and Plaid Palette Plus offers 25 swatches that can apply to each theme, you get more than 1000 color combinations to choose from with this special bonus.

But you ONLY can get these workbooks this week, and ONLY for free…as part of this half-off sale.

Here's how to get everything...

1. Order the products you want, starting on this page: http://exceluser.com/training/index.htm

2. At check-out, enter the coupon code THANKS to save 50%.

3. When your order is processed, you'll be taken to the Thank You page, where you can download your two free gifts. You'll then receive an email with download instructions for your purchased products.

Again, thanks for subscribing to my newsletter. And I hope you have a great new year!


PS Remember that the special half-off sale ends at midnight on Friday, January 10. If you’d like to get the dashboard products that Excel users all over the world are raving about—and save 50%--then go here now: