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My apologies for no Excel tips in here lately. I have been asked to write some specific things that will take some time to put together as they involve explaining complex conceptual approaches to solving the problem as well as the specific excel solution. However they are coming – thanks Nicola and Traci. Anybody else want to send me ideas for posts or requests for help feel free.

excel 2007 Today I am just emptying my browser from a whole bunch of other peoples Excel posts I had found interesting and wanted to share.

This one actually answers one of Nicolas questions – kind of – what are the differences between Excel 2003 and 2007. While not specifically answering this question, Allen explains how to find the differences in VBA. Excel 2007 VBA differences

One of the most common problems we have in Excel is using dates and times in relation to calendar years and financial years. In Australia the financial year ends June 20 so financial years cross two calendar years. This also causes issues with the financial year quarters. DataPig Technologies has a post on the BaconBits Blog about Choosing Quarters in Excel.

Jan Karel Pieterse, a long time Excel MVP I have read for a long time, has a extensive Excel website. His comprehensive series on Using Range Names is very useful.

While working on a major coding project we needed to remove sensitivity to case. This article from OzGrid provided the answers we needed. Stop Excel VBA Macro Code Being Case Sensitive & Compare Text. Excel VBA Case Sensitive.


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Case insensitive: why not

Case insensitive:
why not just use strcomp with vbtextcompare?