Excel 2007 Tips

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Jean Philippe Bagel works for Microsoft. He has written some great tips for Excel 2007.

Of course the right click on the sheet tab navigation buttons will work in older versions of Excel and is a great way of navigating rapidly through large workbooks. Navipane provides a great alternative that is not as limited as Excels built in display of available sheet tabs.

Excel 2007 has some very advanced and easy to use conditional formatting and Jean explains one very well. However please be very careful with using this feature in any Excel 2007 workbooks that need to be viewed or edited on a Excel 2003 or lower machine. The conditional formatting in 2007 inst backward compatible. In fact it is quite different in both how it works and how it displays to previous versions of Excel.

Jean's use of pivot tables illustrate in a very small way some of the power of pivot tables for analysing and manipulating large data sets. I will write more about these separately.