Euro 2008 second half Russia v Spain

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The Russians must have had a spray from the coach at half time because they came out a different looking side. They took the attack to Spain right from the kick off. This opened the play up somewhat and both sides


had opportunities but with no result in the first 15 minutes.The Spanish forwards are carving up the Russian backline. As a result every time Russia get control now they slow the game down. Spain keep sending through balls in. The last one I just saw cam flying down the field and the keeper actually cam outside the box sliding in to clear it away from under the attackers feet.

Another goal for Spain and a hat trick now for David Villa on his debut for Spain. The through ball was an incisive pass across the lagging defence to Villa who jinked around his man and then dodged the rushing in other backs and put it over the keeper in the 75th minute.

It would appear now that Gus Hiddink and his Russian team cannot come back from this. And yes – from the back line Spain continually attack. I think the possession count for this half must be weighted heavily towards Spain.

A nasty clash to the keepers head may have contributed the goal scored by Russia from a corner just a few minutes later in the 85th minute and finally Russia breaks its drought.

Suddenly the Russians are a new team. They are fired up and ignoring the clock.

All to no avail. Fabregas crossed to Xavi who ht it hard at the keeper who parried it away only to have Fabregas put it back in with a header making it 4-1.

Now with only a few minutes of extra time added the game is almost over. A late free kick from just outside the penalty box is deflected for a corner, but it isn't taken because the referee blows the final whistle and Spain wins what was in the end an exciting match.