Easily Transfer Emails from Hotmail to Gmail Via Outlook Connector

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So you've made the switch from gmail to hotmail, but how do you move all your old Hotmail email messages and folders to the new Gmail address. That's no worries at all, Amit has written a nifty little article telling us just how to do it using the Outlook Connector. To move your emails from Hotmail to Gmail via Outlook:

1. Install the Outlook connector and then configure your MSN Hotmail / Windows Live Hotmail accounts with Outlook.

2. Once you have all your Hotmail email message available locally inside Outlook, configure Gmail IMAP access inside Outlook.

3. Now copy or just drag-n-drop the Hotmail folders (downloaded in
Step 1) over your Gmail Inbox folder in Outlook. Its the same migration
procedure as described in a previous tutorial - Backup Outlook Email to Gmail.

As your Outlook synchronizes with Gmail, all your Hotmail messages
will become available inside Gmail as well. And if you have multiple
Hotmail accounts, this trick will help you consolidate email messages
from all those account at one place.