DrupalCamp Australia

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I am supposed to be on a plane right now, but it was cancelled. SO I am waiting to see if I can get on the next one in half an hour. It was full so I am booked on the one after that, but the staff are trying to get me on the full one.

Why? I am going to DrupalCamp Australia in Sydney.

When I finally get there I am hoping to get stuck into Theming with CSS Frameworks, Panels 2 and then I might present something if there's no one else wanting to on managing module and site upgrades for multiple websites. Amanda and I have now got this process down pat and are able to quickly manage upgrades for the 20+ Drupal sites we look after.

The sun is now over the horizon and in my eyes as I look out at my plane going nowhere. Oh Qantas why today?

I will report back later in the day with more pics and stories from the event.

Oh and the pic to the right of the cool Drupal logo comes courtesy of Greenash and I am wearing my new Acquia t-shirt.