Drupal 6.3 Beta announced - not long now to Drupal 6 release

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Last week Drupal 6.3 Beta was announced along with the statement that Drupal Version 6 would be released in a week or so. Look for an announcement later this week or next week.
I haven't bothered testing the betas but as soon as version 65 is released for real I will get a copy isntalled on a test dserver for a play. There are some particularly nice features in this new release. Heres a list:
The new Drupal 6 experience starts with the installer, which has been
drastically improved. It now guides you through the initial setup
steps, so starting a new Drupal site is significantly easier.
Configuration parameters that used to be all over the place are now
prompted for during the install so there are fewer steps necessary to
get the site configured.
You will notice the improved language features as well, in both the
installer and throughout using Drupal. Right to left (RTL) languages
are now supported, interface translations are automatically imported,
and you can translate your posts right from the built-in interface,
without installing additional modules.
The OpenID client module has been added to core. This allows your users to sign on your site with their OpenID accounts.
Actions and triggers
A new Trigger module has been added to core. The Trigger module
lets you assign flexible configurable actions to several events
happening on your site (eg. send an email when a post gets published).
Update status
The highly popular Update status module is now in core. This
informs you about the latest bug fix and security updates for modules
and themes enabled on your site, so you can always keep your site
secure and clean.
Menu system
The menu system was rewritten from scratch, making it much more
efficient. The menu interface is nearly identical so aside from the
performance improvements, you will only notice the underlying changes
if you are a programmer.
Theming has been made more flexible and easier by moving most of PHPTemplate engine deeper into core. Default template files (.tpl.php)
can now be implemented by modules and a handful have already been
converted. If you don't like the way something looks, just find the
.tpl file, copy it to your theme, and change the HTML.
Book and Forum changes
The book module and forum module have been reworked from the ground up:
it is now possible to have any type of content in forums (polls for
example) and the book administration is simplified.


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Like your desk. How much of

Like your desk. How much of a techie do you have to be to get four monitors. ;-)

i'll check back for reviews of Drupal 6.

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