Clutter - and de-cluttering

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I am one of those people who say they hate clutter yet live surrounded by it. My father and grandfather are and were the same. “Ship shape and Bristol fashion”, “a place for everything and everything in its place” they would say.

Other Side of Bedroom by hoardhouse.We all experience the pain of parting with even the most useless scrap of wood. Hence why under my work bench I have every off cut I ever  sliced from a piece of wood. the problem, is I have proved the usefulness of those off cuts at least twice now – and so they stay. You want to know what off cuts can be used for? We played a wide game in a park one night of coastguards and smugglers and the off cuts were pieces of contraband that had to be smuggled. The wedged triangles sliced from fibre board make very useful bookcase stabilisers when the bookcases are placed on the carpet up against a wall and want to tip forward. Yes the bookcases were bought to store more clutter in so that’s kind of not a real good reason – but never mind. So I bought two new bookcases so i could clear my desk off. Nice idea. Bookcases mostly full – desk not clear yet. (The picture isn’t of my office – i found it on flickr.)

So where was I going with all this – oh yes – I had a bunch of web pages cluttering up my tab bar that I wanted to share with you all dear readers.

So with no further ado here we go:

Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate 1 is out. I am using it on one machine. The only annoying thing I have found so far is that it automatically installs the 3 Microsoft RSS feeds (MS at home, MS at work and MSNBC) into itself and thus into Outlook. I dont want them. I always have to delete them on my PC and every other PC that I install Outlook on. I have never met anybody who wants them. Way to go MS – how to annoy people and turn them off RSS. Please take the compulsory addition of these feeds out of the final version.

Windows 7 looks fantastic. Our test machine has mostly performed well. Follow the Windows 7 teams blog.

Instant shift showcase 125 great twitter themes. I might get around to changing mine one day.

Staying with Windows 7 and Twitter, Chirp is a new Windows 7 twitter client. Sarah Perez has the news.

Sarah also points out that Hotmail has added POP3 for mobiles in United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Japan, Spain, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands.

One more from Sarah – a How to Unlock Hidden Themes in Windows 7.

Finally for Windows 7 Long Zheng has an article titled RSS-powered Windows 7 desktop slideshows

Gordon from Real Live Preacher, has begun to launch his second book – self publishing with Consafo

And that’s some clutter gone from my life and into yours!



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Catherine at's picture

I loved reading about the way

I loved reading about the way you struggle with throwing things away. I still have those internal struggles and we've been essentially clutter free for years :)

jethro's picture

I wouldnt say I have a

I wouldnt say I have a problem with clutter - i just keep buying more storage space!
however i do have a problem with throwing things away - i have just gone through my shed and removed about 20 empty boxes i no longer need - they are piled up to go to the tip. for me its more of a "I will find a use for that one day and wish i hadn't thrown it away then!" attitude.