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More yummy cheese tasting reviews after the responses to the last cheese post.

LuLu – the blue cheese was from your request.


The King Island Dairy Roaring forties Blue cheese has a quite sharp taste, your definitely not overpowering. I have been eating this in sandwiches. Not crumbly yet not soft, sort of in between – a very nice smooth texture.


The South Cape Creamy Smoked cheese is a very light smoky flavour. Not really deserving of the name but it is a very nice delicate cheese. I prefer my smoky smokier than this but this is still nice.


The Jaycroix specialty cream cheese - Chive and Garlic was definitely not as nice as it looked. This wont go back on the buy list. The cream cheese was very plasticy in texture, and the chives were under done – the garlic ruined the chives flavour in my opinion. It wasn’t unpleasant to eat, but it certainly wasn’t a good example of the flavoured cream cheeses that you can buy.


After I tried these cheeses I made a nice sandwich using a turkish roll, mango and ginger chutney, hungarian salami, some blue and smoked cheese, asparagus spears, Mainland colby cheese, tomato and cracked black pepper.


So what cheeses shall I review next?


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Lulu's picture

Yum! The things you do for

Yum! The things you do for your readers ;)

jethro's picture

its tough but some one has to

its tough but some one has to do it :)

Jeanene's picture

I couldn't help but laugh

I couldn't help but laugh when I saw this. A number of years back, Gordon decided to attemtpt to taste every cheese from Monty Python's "Cheese Shop" sketch. That was fun!

jethro's picture

thats so funny - its just the

thats so funny - its just the sort of thing i can imagine gordon doing! - how did he go?

Anonymous's picture

I don't recall how far he

I don't recall how far he got. He did discover he liked Camembert. Never did find the Venezuelan Beaver Cheese. DID find many stinky varieties. There's a market in town that carries many expensive cheeses from Europe. On very rare occasion, I'll buy a small piece and bring it home for fun.