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Check out Sports Do, it's a GPS sports tracking system from your mobile phone for friends and family. It enables you to record your sporting activities while broadcasting live tracking stats to friends and family via the SportsDo web portal. A detailed analysis of your activities can be performed on the SportsDo web portal so that you can improve your performance. Check out SportsDos website for more info.



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HTC Touch Dual

There is a new exciting HTC Touch Dual phone just out. It combines an intuitive touch screen and keypad within a cool design. With the flick of your thumb, the touch screen slides to reveal a handy smart-sized keyboard. If you prefer to touch, the interface allows you to quickly go through your emails, messages, music and images. When you touch the screen you activate the home page to give you an instant view of your email, calendar, messages, missed calls and dynamic weather updates. Get onto HTC's website for more specs.

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New Windows Mobile Powered Devices

Microsoft Windows Mobile is now really taking off in Smart Phones and PDAs.

There are a range of devices in each of these categories on the Microsoft Windows Mobile Website.

Take your Microsoft Office Outlook
e-mail, contacts, and calendar with you. With Windows Mobile, you can browse the Web, view Microsoft Office files,* listen to music, and more—all from your mobile phone.

Need everything except the phone? With a Windows Mobile powered PDA, you get the mobile version of Microsoft Office, which includes Outlook Mobile, Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, and PowerPoint Mobile. Plus, if your PDA has Wi-Fi, you can surf the Web and check Web-based e-mail on Wi-Fi networks.