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The Project Managers Birthday Party

It was meant to be a secret, but like all office secrets people knew something was happening. Little clusters of people standing around a desk looking at a screen broke up and walked back to their own desks when someone came near, whispered conversations in the photocopy room and the inevitable smoke break with one of the non smokers saying "I'll come out for some fresh air".

Finally the news was broken. There was a major project being planned. It was going to involve a select bunch of people who were part of the project team and privy to the specific details, but the overall project was at least no longer a secret. An interoffice email went out from the internal communications manager and overnight a bunch of project flyers were put up on walls and doors.

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Urban Space Novel

I have finally transferred my novel “in progress” from my blogger site to this Drupal site.

You can read the book at http://www.spyjournal.biz/urban_space and there is also a RSS feed at http://www.spyjournal.biz/urban_space/feed.xml.

I am not sure when I will write more on this book though. Maybe for this years NaNoWriMo I will get stuck back into it again.

I do have a couple of requests. If there are any artists or illustrators who can draw scifi / fantasy who would like to illustrate this book please contact me. Cover art and also line illustrations would be great. Also if there are any publishers out there who would like to contact me feel free to do so! Advance cheques are welcome!