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(Women And Waves)

Today you are sullen - sultry - passive yet hungry

demanding attention,

sucking endlessly in oily repetition on slick sand

I am like flotsam trapped in greasy foam

tossed back and forth

neither here or there

but forever condemned to react to your tides


2012-06-30 Gold Coast Beach 020Today you are angry - aggressive - violent

carving your name

forcing yourself unwanted and unasked

seeking to make your way without heed of those in the way

I am like a still rockpool suddenly disturbed

anenomes ruthlessly uprooted

raped and pillaged by your desire and ambition


Today you are loving - playful - joyful

chuckling wavelets caressing sparkling sands

delicate fingers running through seaweed

titillating - pleasuring

I am like iridescent foam

laughing - tinkling

enjoying the moment as if it will last forever

but the tide will turn


Poem written © Timothy Miller 1993

Photo taken 2012 at the Gold Coast

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Wanting to be heard

So today my diary says its time to write an update for this blog. But I don’t want to. Not today. I have so much other stuff to do: – lots of shoots to plan and schedule staff for, code development jobs to complete, documentation to write for another client, a pc I need to replace the power supply on and upgrade to windows 8 while I’m at it, and several web site projects to complete for clients.

But I am wanting to be heard.

I want my opinions to be considered wise. I desire comments and ego stroking adulation (feel free to comment or retch as you prefer). I have a compelling desire to be understood. Is that bad?

Introspection is sometimes good for the soul; baring it to the world may fall into the TMI classification.

So what am I going to write about? There is so much swirling in my head at the moment. I am mightily pissed off at Channel 9’s coverage of the Olympic games (#firstworldproblems). I am very much looking forward to an upcoming family holiday in Tasmania and then an unexpected trip to the States in November. I am enjoying my running again for the first time in probably 12 years. I’m looking forward to doing a half marathon and maybe more in the next few months. I am researching and reading heavily in social media growth, business use and how to harness and use this for my clients and myself.

I’m probably not going to write about any of these things right now – I prefer to be coordinated and structured in my writing and at the moment I’m still swirling – vacillating between opinion and fact, gathering data, thinking, perhaps overthinking, analysing and mulling.

Take what you like from this, or nothing at all, I will be back with something more useful later.

Have a great day! Here is an image i really like taken at the park on my cell phone – as I relaxed with my two little girls.

2012-08-18 16.04.50

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She Is

She relaxes in my arms

She opens up to me

She is

My wife


2010-02-13 Private Collection 029 - faceShe dresses up to please

She undresses to seduce

She is

My lover


She listens to my words

She wants to know my fears

She is

My friend


She slips her hand into mine

She spends time with me

She is

My companion


She is

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Bedroom Poem



Silken hair

On the pillow

Cheek cupped in my hand

Steady heartbeat

Light caress