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House Guest

We will be having a house guest shortly for a little while. Jamie is heading back to China and will stay with us until he goes.

If you are interested in a portal webpage made for Australian users then check out his The Great HomePage.

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Sick of this theme

I am starting to get annoyed with the layout and other various little issues  with this theme - my last post about file sharing services doesn't display properly.

Stay tuned for a redesign shortly.

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The weekend - climbing, church and chunder

IMG_0665-800Saturday I went climbing with a bunch of young folk. We headed up Mt Beerwah, one of the local volcanic plugs making up the Glasshouse mountains, so called because when Captain Cook anchored off the coast he could see the distinctive plugs sticking up in the distance like glass houses.

The full story and pictures can be found at

Church on Sunday was a good time of reflection and teaching in Ephesians. Jude and Erin stayed home with the chunder bug that has hit this house in the last week - with all the kids succumbing to it in succession. Jude and I haven't chundered, but both had some queasiness last week. Hopefully it is all gone now.

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A real bad day...

I did a really dumb thing.

Yesterday my backup failed, because of a device I/O error. I assumed (really badly) that the error was on the backup drive, and so proceeded to reformat it - losing all my backups in the process. My logic was that after I had reformated it I would try and run a fresh backup and if it failed again I would replace the disk.
It failed again, but this time I realised it was not the backup drive that was at fault, but one of the drives it was trying to backup.
I realised this because it was the drive that had all our music on it, and I was having trouble playing music, followed by even more trouble browsing the drive.
I should have been a bit smarter. This was the last of three disks that I bought all in one go from one shipment, same size and model, all 500GB Western Digital drives (I know, I know - WD are crap). The other two had failed within the last 3 months and been replaced. I just hadn't gotten around to transferring the data off this disk.