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We cleaned up in athletics

Today I delivered some work to a client to get a major piece of work completed. The client was 100% happy and there were only a couple of minor things to fix. They have requested more work but that will have to wait until after other jobs are completed. From there I drove to the school convention and picked up a car full of athletes who I have been coaching. We headed of to St Lucia University campus for a 5PM start of the athletic meet.

29_0047 Unfortunately due to my “childishness” I broke my phone screen and I didn’t have any other camera with me. I did take a couple of shots of my main man Drew running the 1500 metre with someone else's camera though.

Drew cleaned up tonight. Although he could have ran a much faster 1500 than he did I made him run a slow race to save himself for the other events. He followed my instructions exactly. Ran into second place within the first 100 metres and sat right on the heels of that guy for 400 metres before hitting him with a 10 metre clear burst on the 2nd back straight. Settling back down the the same pace he ran with the 10 metre lead for another full lap. Then he picked up the pace and ran harder drawing away to a 50 metre lead. He held this then right into the main finishing straight and then turned on his sprint for the last 50 metres winning by an easy 75 metres or so. I think he could have won by close to a full lap but he was very good and ran our race plan exactly. This was good because he was straight into the 100 metres – though because his was the lat 100 metre heat / final he had time to prepare. I had 2 runners in the 100 metres and I played the waiting game as long as possible to keep them out of the chill breeze. I walked them to the start last of all the runners every time, warmed them up at the back of the staging area with some calisthenics, stretches and short sprints. No other athletes were as well prepared so I was happy with that. Caleb came second in his U16 100 metres and drew came in first or second – it was a photo finish and we haven’t been told the result yet.

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Running Club

Went for an awesome run today. I have been running every Monday afternoon with a bunch of others for the last 3 or 4 months now. Today I had Drew and Lydia along with me. I am coaching both for their upcoming athletics convention. Today we ran down to the local school (about 1 KM) and planned to use the running track there. I didn’t realise that it was half normal size, being only 200 metres around. However all the lanes were marked and they did have a full 100 metre straight sprint set of lanes.

First of we ran a 1500 metres. Drew finished when Lydia and I were still at the 1000 metre mark. I pushed Lydia on and she ended up beating me by about 10 metres.

After a short break we ran a 100 metre sprint. I was able to hold Lydia off by about 2 metres but Drew beat me by around 5 metres.

Finally I got them to run a 200 metres race. Then we walked and jogged home – alternating short sprints with jogging.

Now I feel really refreshed and ready for the next 5 hours work! Monday is a work night for me and Amanda.

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Too much to stop and blog?

Sometimes it feels like so much has happened since the last time I wrote on here that I don’t have time to stop and get it down. And that makes it worse because then there is even more that has happened.

So this is not so much an attempt at a catch up as just a rambling post covering various things that have happened to me recently.


AFL2 We played a night game Saturday night. We won in the last few minutes after a pretty tough contest. They got an early lead and then we had to peg them back. I played defence for 3 quarters with one entire quarter off the ground. I did give away a 50 metre penalty in the last quarter with a few minutes to go and we were leading by 5. Fortunately he missed his kick at goal and we rushed it through for a behind. We ended up winning by 4 points.

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AFL Training report

tim heading ball in semi final-640 Training on Tuesday night was awesome. I couldn't wait to get there and went early. Got to meet the blokes and have a great warm up - jogging some laps and kicking some balls to loosen up. From here we went into drills and I was pleased to be one of the youngest blokes! I was not the fittest but well up there and my ball handling and kicking skills were good compared with some blokes. I am playing on Saturday night - can't wait! However the training was much lighter than I am used to, and so after I went home and iced my legs I had no discomfort. Wednesday morning I went for my run with Judith and did plenty of sit ups, step ups and stomach crunches. After we got home I had the usual massage from Helen our masseuse who worked out all the knots in my legs. I feel great.

By the way the pic is of me showing up the young fellas in a soccer match 2 years ago.