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Hanging out

MPj04019510000[1] The last week I have been working real hard. Part of that work has allowed me to hang out with a bunch of cool staff and clients. I have been hanging with RLP, Matt, Jamie, Amanda, Rasita and Roh.

I count it a real privilege to be able to spend time with these people.

Amanda works for me 2 half days a week researching and writing articles for SpyJournal (see her Geek Girl Series) as well as performing site maintenance and backups for our clients, documentation management (filing) and technical office duties (cleaning the office!) She is slowly developing her own website.

Roh is a technical genius. He knows everything about the web architecture, servers, MySQL, PHP, DNS, Cpanel etc. His daughter Caitlyn was born blind. Check her website out.

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Freak Morice - raw natural talent

A new family has come to our church and the 5 kids make up an awesome band. Named Freak Morice they played on Friday night for a school chaplaincy fund raising movie night we held.

I videoed them using my mobile phone camera and with their permission uploaded them to YouTube. Check out the Freak Morice MySpace site. All their songs are original written and composed material. They range in age from 16 to 8 in age. I have uploaded 5 videos to my Alborath YouTube account.

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Jemimah and Esther get baptised

Two good friends of ours, Jemimah and Esther Gollan, were baptised on Sunday in a  public ceremony at the beach.

Their father John is also the pastor of their church, and he gave an excellent talk about how baptism was like drawing a line in the sand, and stepping over it. The girls had previously given their testimonies in church, along with the others being baptised.

I took a couple of hundred photos. There are a bunch of the good ones in my flickr account. Here is just a small sample for you to enjoy. Click the thumbnails to see the larger pictures.

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New friends to play with

We have some new friends!

A home schooling family who live just up the road from us, go to one of our friends churches and work in the same space!

Neil looks after 

We went to the park and played frisbee with their 7 kids ranging from 19 yrs to 15 months. Then we headed back to our place for a BBQ. Following that we went to basketball and took their 4 oldest kids. Great time had by all and more playing to come I am sure.