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Funny Mercedes

I only just posted some pictures from when we are the car yard signing paperwork last week.

Mercedes can be so funny. There was a toy box and play area for the kids in the showroom. (Parent friendly - TICK). Mercedes found a little duck mouth on an elastic string that you could put round your head and pretend to be a duck. She came into the office we were in and sat on our knees and made faces while I snapped a couple of quick pictures with the phone camera.

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Are these the cutest kids in the world?

I took Erin and Mercedes to the park on the weekend and played with them while Jadeen and Miranda were away with Grandad and Grandma. I got some really cool pictures - some posed and some not.

Here is Mercedes in wonderment over a dandelion seed head that was floating around. She was so careful with it not wanting to squash it and it kept floating away and she would go running after it again. It took me ages to get a good photo because she wouldn't stay still and I only had the camera phone and low light as the sun had just set.

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Kid Free Date Night!

My parents took the eldest 2 girls away on a 4 day holiday with them to Sugar Loaf Mountain on Wednesday. Jude's mum and sisters took the younger 2 girls last night for the night. We went on a double date - with our friends Michael and Leah.
First to Hogs Breath for dinner - where I had a free birthday meal, and then home to our place where we had hot chocolate or coffee and watched a movie. It was lots of fun!
It was real nice to hear a knock knock knock on the door this morning and to open it to find Erin and Mercedes there. Both Erin and Mercedes enjoyed staying away at Grandmas.