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Weekend Birthday Party

The weekend was mostly spent I not working - the theme to the weekend. Apart from one short appointment that was supposed to happen on Saturday (and ended up being postponed to Monday) I barely touched a computer for work!

Mercedes turned 4 on Saturday so that was lots of fun. We had presents early (as usual) and then I spent a lot of time playing with her, helping her draw and colour in with her new coloured pencils and markers, paying with her new ball (from Grandad and Grandma) and lots of other fun things.

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Fun Sunday Night

We had a great day today. First we went to see Dr Jonathan Sarfati present information on Creation Science. He presented some very good deconstructions of evolutionist positions on things like the Grand Canyon, the fossil record and cell design.

Following that we hung out with the Lehtonens for lunch at our place for a while. Later in the afternoon (after a nap) I took the kids up to the park for a play. Mercedes gets so excited about bugs. I showed her a little bug that was crawling along the grass and she watched entranced as it got to the top of a grass stem - balancing akwardly - and then eventually launched up and flew away - "Bye Bye Bug" she said.

My next job was mopping the floors! 

Home group and a shared meal for dinner. Our pastor came tonight and we looked closely at Ephesians chapter 5 and the roles of husband and wife in marriage.

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Erin and Mercedes having fun

Check out these two photos. Both are of the girls having fun, how different do they look? Erin has made a very cool mask being a combination of a reindeer antlers, mask and feathers - she is laughing and enjoying herself. After I took the photo Mercedes who was likewise happy and laughing wanted her photo taken. As soon as I pointed the camera at her she grabbed the bag she was holding and crushed it up to her face and put this sad look on, looking down away from the camera. I took the photo and immediately she wanted to see it. She is so theatrical!

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Overflowing with Love for Daddy

Last night after dinner the kids were playing contortionist games on the floor, spinning around and stretching and having fun. I was sitting in the chair watching them play and asked who could do the strangest thing with their body. Mercedes climbed up on to me and gave me a full on cuddle. I said Mercedes wins - she is cuddling me. Next minute I had 4 clingons as they all rushed me for a cuddle!


As I was putting them to bed more cuddles came. As I said good night to Miranda and Jadeen, Miranda said "I have so much love for you I am overflowing with love for you Daddy." Jadeen said "Me too!"


I guess their love tanks are full.