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Microsoft in right royal stuff up over Vista SP!

The gloves are off! The user forums and blog comments are running hot. The press is having a field day.

Microsoft officially announced Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) was released to market (RTM) last week. However they have since decided to delay the distribution to MSDN and Technet subscribers. These are the people who need to get it first. Partners like myself should also be able to get it but we have also been relegated to the same category as the general public. I assume that means that I will be cautiously testing it as the same time my customers will be gleefully (more likely completely unknowingly) downloading it from Windows Update with no backups or way of recovering if it screws up. Who pays for that? Ultimately the customer does, because I have to support it and I charge them for it. Makes it hard to support something that you can't test.

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The Windows Help Program

The Windows Help (WinHlp32.exe) program that has been included in Microsoft since Microsoft Windows 3.1. WinHlp32.exe is a requirement for users who want to view 32-bit Help files that have the .hlp file name extension. Unfortunately because the Help Program hasn't had a major update for awhile it no longer meets standards, because of this Microsoft has decided to no longer include this Help program as a part of Windows. For those more advanced readers who want to, download WinHlp32 here.

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Drupal website upgrades

I am busy upgrading all our websites. both our company and personal ones and all our customers sites. there have been a number of security issues on the web lately with both Drupal and IE. See this story about Badware on Ethans blog - this is similar as to what happened to this site about a week after I launched it.

Fortunately I found the problem almost immediately and was able to delete the hacked scripts. However they kept coming back and I couldn't figure out how. I changed the administrator password and that stopped them. Then I upgraded the site and the problem has now gone away.


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SBS2003 troubleshooting

Susan Bradley AKA the SBS diva is a SBS 2003 Legend!

Following normal Microsoft practice of patching what aint broke and then wondering why it is broke, I installed the Best Practices Analyser last week on my SBS2003 server. Previously it had been running absolutely perfectly. (well as perfectly as a Microsoft server can get - only needed restarting every 2 weeks or so)

The BPA told me my system was largely ok but I should fix some things. With the assistance of Susan I duly fixed these things.