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Ergo - update

Following my trial of Ergo and reporting the Office 2007 problem, I recevied an email from Martyn James the Senior Software Engineer at Ergo explaining that the issue I was having with office is a known problem with Beta 1, Beta 2 is due out before Christmas which has this issue fixed.

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Ergo - Sexy web 2.0 Search for Vista

Ergo is a very sexy search interface. Think smoothly flying out folders (reminsicent of an old CD juke box flipping the CDs (I was an 80s teen!) and nice mind mapping techniques for organising related search results.

It links into Vista's existing indexed folders and searches them and redisplays the results in a very cool connected way - far more intuitive than Vista's built in search. Only problem was I couldn't open any Office 2007 document that it found. Weird. I have registered my problem with them and hope they can fix it or tell me what I am doing wrong.

Link courtesy of Mark Harrison and theres some pics on his site also. 

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New Windows Live Sidebar Gadgets for Outlook

There are two new Windows sidebar gadgets produced by the Windows Live Team that work specifically with Outlook. One displays your current appointments in the side bar while the second displays your to do tasks in the sidebar. Great for when you have Outlook minimised to the task bar or task tray. For Vista users only.

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How we use technology at work, school and play

Following Scott Hanselman's, Steve Richards and Bill Gates lead, I have decided to share my office and workspace setup.

This isn't meant to be a gloat about the technology I use rather an explanation of the tools that I use in my job. Plumbers and electricians have cool vans full of all their gear and they probably spend more on that than I have on this.

My office is around 4 metres square, though one corner is chamfered off. In order to maximise the space available and still create enough room for my staff to work I have a real mixture of furniture. My desk is a curved reception desk I picked up second hand from the gym when they remodelled. It has nice deep drawers on both sides and the 90 degree curving space is an excellent fit for the 4 monitors I work on - 2 x 22" and 2 x 19" wide screens. It also holds current files and data, pens, blank cds, odds and ends and all the cables to connect my mobile phone, camera, video camera and creative zen. On top at each end I store things that I don't need to look at but need to access. In the middle I have a photo frame of my 4 kids and a Lego Bionicle I was given when leaving a client.

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