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Test Post from Windows Live Writer

I'm playing with the Windows Live Beta toys at the moment

Specifically the Photo Gallery and the Live Writer as means of creating a richer blogging experience for myself and also for clients.

The setup was very simple and pain free. If this works ( and I think it will) then Windows Live plays nicely with Drupal.

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Upload Pictures to Flickr From Windows Live Photo Gallery

Exciting news for Flickr users who prefer the Windows Live Photo Gallery. Microsoft has recently released a new version of Windows Live Photo Gallery that lets you send the pictures to Flickr directly from the desktop. You can use this feature to bulk upload images and folders to Flickr. Similar to the official Flickr uploaders the Microsoft one will resize your pictures before uploading into Flickr and specify where the pictures should be uploaded to the Flickr uploader. You can download this Flickr enabled version of Windows Live Photo Gallery through Windows Automatic Updates (kb943550) or the common Windows Live Installer.

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Via Windows Live

Have a look at the Via Windows Live community space. This space is dedicated to developers and helps you build and understand how to utilise Windows Live technologies in your applications. It has different sections on the various Live technologies and APIs that are currently available for software developers. You can also submit content and get involved in the site.