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Recently discovered cool tools

Here is the last lot of totally unrelated cool tools I have found.

Swiss Army Knife Business Multi Tool The Coolest Tool I have found in a while is MCEBuddy.

MCEBuddy takes your LARGE Windows Media Center television recording (and other video) files and makes them small saving you disk space.  It also removes commercials and converts your recordings into formats that are usable on other systems and handheld devices.  It does all of this automatically with a minimum of fuss and little or no technical knowledge required.

This tool just works – it is awesome!

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Round up of web content

Time to clear the tabs in Google Chrome.

imgres SBS2008 news is buzzing with the wrap up of the conferences stateside. Here is some important stuff.

Robin Good’s Sharewood guide has a list of the Top 25 screen sharing tools.

Sonia Coleman has 208 free Microsoft PowerPoint templates.

I am now using Tweetdeck to manage my twitter conversations – its great!

TwitterAgency is a Virtual Advertising Agency on how to use / not use Twitter.

Brisbane mountain bike riders, check out Bushranger. They also run adventure tours in New Zealand. And if you are into horse riding the Mountain Lake Adventures crew look as if they provide a pretty decent trail riding experience just west of Brisbane.

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Microsoft Office 2007 Powerpoint Producer - Beta

Nick MacKechnie today announced on his website the release of PowerPoint Producer 2007 beta.

You will need to go to http://www.connect.microsoft.com to get it. Full instructions on Nick’s post.clip_image001

I downloaded and installed it easily, although it had several UAC prompts during the install.

I ran the wizard and added photos quickly from a folder (from Judes Birthday) and then added a song (Michael Frank’s “Eggplant” from The Art of Tea).

I was able to synchronise the pictures and song and then publish as a presentation really easily. Awesome tool.

If you use PowerPoint for timed presentations or speaking engagements, then you should definitely download and trial this tool.