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HALF OFF Charley Kyd's Dashboard products

I am proud to be affiliated with Charley Kyd’s Excel User Dashboard products (see the little graphic on the left hand side). I can heartily recommend his excellent products.

Charley is having a HALF OFF sale as well as some other amazing benefits. Here are the details:

ebook-250 Until midnight this Friday, you can get my best dashboard products for HALF OFF.

Here’s where you can grab your copies for half off.

I’m holding this special sale as a way to say THANK YOU to my customers and people who read my Excel For Business newsletter.

Here’s where you can grab your copy and save 50%.

Try My Dashboards for 50% And Get Six Free Bonuses.

If the 50% discount isn’t enough to have you heading to my half-off catalog page, these SIX free gifts will surely do the trick.

•  Bonus 1: One-Hour Live Webinar about IncSight QnE
This live webinar will show you how to set up and use IncSight QnE, and how to adapt its templates to meet your specific needs. I'll show you how to add or subtract periods, change periods to any that you want, add calculations, change chart sizes, change color schemes, and a lot more.

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The week in review

I don’t know why I seem to write massive link posts lately – maybe because i have been very busy with my three major priorities, family, work and photography. However this is a priority as well, so I need to allocate some time to write soon. In the mean time I am going to clear my browser of the tabs that are open there.

2009-11-06 BTUB 123 Here goes – and have a great weekend. Oh – and this photo was my favourite of the week. I took it in low light, no flash using the 70-200 2.8 IS L Lens.

Exposure 1/128, Aperture f2.8, focal length 170mm, ISO 2000

Photography Links

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Riding and other bits and pieces

Back to work and back to an inbox full of things to do. I have spent a massive amount of time this last week working – the sailing holiday is now a dim and distant memory!

First some riding news. I got my bike back with the rear shock rebuilt (under warranty) and took it for a test ride with the MTB ride group yesterday. It held up just fine and the ride was an epic one - if a little long for my liking. The Saturday MTB group is back – meeting at the Wolves Bike Den every Saturday at midday for an epic ride like this. All ages and experiences welcome.

Map and terrain detail on bikely of the Ewen Maddock Dam Ride Click the pictures for more detail.

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Office 2007 and 2010

Office twenty-ten (the correct way of saying it) has some awesome new features over Office 2003 and 2007.

Office2007Logo The following links highlight some of the amazing things that are going on and I must say I am pretty impressed so far.

Joseph Chirilov has been busy writing (and geting guest writers to write) articles about both the upcoming changes in Excel 2010 as well as a series on using sparklines in Excel 2007 and 2010. Sparklines are mini in-line charts that can graphically display data in a very small space.