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Excel Media Player, Floating Point and Shadows

Joseph Chirilov has written a series of 3 posts showing exactly how to build a fully functioning media player inside Excel.

If you want to try this then follow his step 1, step 2 and step 3. I would be interested in hearing from anybody who does that.


While we are talking about Joseph's site I want to highlight two other posts that are there.

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Vista 64 bit program compatibility

The following is a list of applications I installed on Vista business 64 bit in the last 2 days (my must install list). These were all successful (after in some cases downloading the latest version).

  • Office 2007
  • Dreamweaver MX
  • CuteFTP
  • Firefox
  • Windows Live - messenger, writer, live photo gallery
  • Adobe Photoshop v7
  • Adobe Reader
  • Adobe Air
  • MS Sync Toy 2
  • Twhirl
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • Skype
  • Winamp
  • Streamripper for winamp
  • DoPDF
  • Azureus
  • Batch Renamer
  • Daemon tools
  • DVD Fab HD Decryptor
  • Java
  • Irfanview
  • Klite Codecs
  • Lansafe (UPS monitoring software)
  • Office live
  • Picasa2
  • Quickbooks
  • Rescue Time
  • VLC
  • Winrar
  • Nokia PC Suite


The following software would not install or doesn't work properly on Vista 64 bit.

  • Power ISO 3
  • Adobe pdf previewer in Outlook 2007
  • Send to One Note doesn't work in Vista 64 (known issue)
  • Clone CD
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Microsoft Releases Word 2007 Viewer for Reading docx Documents

Amit has posted about Microsoft's new Office 2007 viewers.

Microsoft has recently introduced a free Word 2007 viewer that lets you view docx Word documents, even if you don't have any version of Word installed. This does away with the need to download the Office 12 Compatibility Pack or manually convert .docx to .doc format using any of the online conversion services to open a Word 2007 document. To use the viewer you will still need to install the Office Compatibility Pack.
Microsoft has also provided a Powerpoint 2007 viewer for pptx presentations. There is currently no Excel 2007 viewer however you can convert xlsx to xls using Zamzar and then view the converted spreadsheet in Google Docs.

Check out the links below to download the Viewers
Word 2007 Viewer
Powerpoint 2007 Viewer