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Firefox is better than IE for Australian Tax Office Portal

I have been using the Australian Tax Office Portal for years now to submit my monthly and quarterly GST returns. Until recently it never worked in Firefox, and I often had all sorts of problems with IE. However the support desk was always able to get it working (except once where they gave up and got me to request new digital certificates). However this time the problem was related to IE 7 and Java 6 on a Vista machine. Too much - poor old IE cant't do it - in their words "it gets confused about where the local certificate store is". Fortunately Firefox is not only a supported browser now but preferred!

My tax will be submitted in Firefox from now on. 

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Viruses and Illegitmate Windows

I spent 3 hours in the weekend cleaning viruses and trojan horses out of a friend's computer. They had popups happenning galore and the pc was running so slow because of all the applications that were loading at start time it almost wasn't functioning at all.

The worst thing, they had been sold the PC and Windows XP and Office 2003 by some dodgy backyard bloke who had given them illegal unlicensed software, though they were unaware of that fact.

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Firefox Running Slow?

Do you have a problem with Firefox running slow and want to make it fast without re-installation? You've tried uninstalling the extension & toolbars, deleted cookies and temporary files, cleared up the file download queue and disabled the background check for software updates and still nothing seems faster. Here's a solution that Amit has suggested:

Step 1: Start Firefox and export your bookmarks as a file on your hard-drive (we'll need them later).
Step 2: Type firefox.exe - P in the Run box of Windows.
Step 3: Click the Create Profile button without making any modifications to your existing profile (which is normally called "default")

Now when you Start Firefox in the new profile, you are very likely to be impressed with the speed.