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Drupal Meetup and Website Management

Thursday night I went to my first Brisbane Drupal Meetup. It was great. There were 8 or 9 people there so most of the time was actually spend learning a little about each other (and kidding Mark about coding on reel tapes).

Jeff and Sheree and Josh from Marmalade Soul organised it. I also picked up cards from Mark, Chris, and Tony. Nick from Our Brisbane who I had already met because I am hosting and maintaining www.studybrisbane.com.au was there too. He is a real funny guy!

I had decided to present a summary of the tools and methodologies we employ here at Jethro in looking after something like 30 Drupal websites. As promised I have listed below the major tools and their uses below. This is a much bigger subject than the 10 minutes I gave to it on Thursday and I am really interested in seeing what others are doing.

ms office logo Disclaimer: Yes I live in a Microsoft world. No I do not hate Macs or open source. and yes, sometimes Microsoft products are not the best products to use. On their own. But; most of the Microsoft tools that we do use are either because they are awesome or because of their integration and synchronisation with other MS tools. They are also generally easy for new staff to learn to use.

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DrupalCamp Australia - in Sydney

Following the debacle with Qantas cancelling my plane, I eventually got to Sydney an hour later than planned. I got straight into a taxi and off to the university where I was straight into the room in the bowels of the pharmacy faculty where the DrupalCamp event was being hosted. As it happened I only missed the initial chats and greetings etc as they were running a bit behind.

IMG_3120 The first session I attended then was Justin Randell talking about the upcoming Drupal 7 new features. Most impressive for me to see is the new WYSIWYG capability features. Drupal are not going to pick a specific editor, rather let you choose, but the support and handling of WYSIWYG on different text fields looks great. Perhaps more importantly is the delay to release. From my perspective this is a good thing. We need to see Drupal 6 settled down better and more module conversion completed before having to worry about a new version.

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DrupalCamp Australia

I am supposed to be on a plane right now, but it was cancelled. SO I am waiting to see if I can get on the next one in half an hour. It was full so I am booked on the one after that, but the staff are trying to get me on the full one.

Why? I am going to DrupalCamp Australia in Sydney.

When I finally get there I am hoping to get stuck into Theming with CSS Frameworks, Panels 2 and then I might present something if there's no one else wanting to on managing module and site upgrades for multiple websites. Amanda and I have now got this process down pat and are able to quickly manage upgrades for the 20+ Drupal sites we look after.

The sun is now over the horizon and in my eyes as I look out at my plane going nowhere. Oh Qantas why today?

I will report back later in the day with more pics and stories from the event.

Oh and the pic to the right of the cool Drupal logo comes courtesy of Greenash and I am wearing my new Acquia t-shirt.

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SpyJournal All Sorts

Sort of like liquorice all-sorts – only not.

liquorice allsorts by Leo Reynolds.NowPublic can scan keywords, heres the Drupal scan page. This article should get linked on there.


I got nominated as a Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 expert. This might prompt me to write some articles here in the future about the difficulties in establishing Enterprise 2.0 ideas in small and large business. Watch this space! Thanks John for that!