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Web round up 4 March 2009

Got lots of things to share today.

IMG_5445Starting off with Windows 7:

Crossing to Windows Home Server we have these posts:

Now over to Microsoft Office:

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Clutter - and de-cluttering

I am one of those people who say they hate clutter yet live surrounded by it. My father and grandfather are and were the same. “Ship shape and Bristol fashion”, “a place for everything and everything in its place” they would say.

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Gmail cannot destroy Outlook

This article is in a direct response to an article on Slate subtitled How Gmail destroyed Outlook. Farhad Manjoo has written an article explaining how to use Google Gears to take your Gmail account offline. However he has badly titled it The Best E-Mail Program Ever and subtitled it How Gmail destroyed Outlook.

Outlook2007 gmail If he had just left it titled something like Google Gears provides Gmail with offline capability I wouldnt have minded. But to attempt to use that feature to claim that Gmail is the best program ever or to even more ridiculously claim that Gmail has somehow destroyed Outlook as a result is farcical at best and completely misleading and untrue.

OK lets look at what he says and why.

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This Weeks Web Roundup

Time to unload the browser again. And I have some great stuff for you all this week. Starting with some geek humour as well as some new toys and news.

CB068324_LoResGeeks are Sexy post a YouTube video of the Big Bang Theory and Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock, their use of the extended version of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Check it out!

HP has suddenly become an Excel Tips website! These three pages were linked in their last newsletter.

Some great news on the Windows Live front.

First of all A note about Hotmail, SkyDrive and Photos storage space from LiveSide advising that there is now a massive 50GB o free space online available to you as follows: