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I have something like 20 or more websites open in browser that I want to be able to review or recommend. I haven’t got time so I will link them here, tag on delicious and clip into socialmedian as appropriate.

Here goes.

exclamation.thumbnail Microsoft

Step 1: Download Migration Manager kit and extract it into a new folder - say: c:\office.


Step 2: Download and install the Office Pack - this step is required even if you have Microsoft Office 2007 already installed on your computer.

Step 3: Assuming that you extracted the Office Manager files in c:\office directory, go c:\office\tools, open ofc.ini using notepad and add the following line.


This refers to the folder location that holds your office files. I am pointing this to my Documents folder but it could be different on your machine.

Step 4: Open command prompt and go to c:\office\tools. There you’ll see a utility called ofc.exe - this is the Office File Converter that will convert all old Office files to the new 2007 Office document format in bulk. Run.


Immediately all old Office files in that folder (and sub-folders) will get converted to the new format and are saved in a new folder.

This utility works with Word (doc to docx), Access databases, PowerPoint (ppt to pptx), Visio diagrams, Excel (xls to xlsx) and Microsoft Project files. The conversion may however fail for password protected documents.


This massive amazing technology was released for preview yesterday. Already the servers cant keep up. Its on and off again. They are working ion it.

I have downloaded and installed and created a synth – I think, I cant view it to check. It will be live soon I am sure.

Here’s a bunch of news about it and stuff you can look at it to review. This should have been in a post of its own. Sorry.


Web stuff

  • Goofy2. A new social media site? I haven’t even checked it out yet. Here’s what they say “Goofy2 is a service for you and the world to share and discuss about anything through short posts and comments with rich media embedment.”
  • Widgenie. I still haven’t tested this but will one day!


  • How to win a photo comp. As I have to judge one soon I though this would be a good read – it was. Thanks Darren!